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Fundão - Castelo Branco - Portugal

2.5kg Red (no logo)

2kg Blue (no logo)


Loaded Equipment's Fractional Plates are sold in single units and they weights vary between 0,5KG, 1KG, 1,5KG, 2KG, 2,5KG. Each plate features a 50,4mm collar opening and an exterior rubber coating for a firm, steady hold on any type of barbell. An old school design combined with Loaded Equipment's white logo offers the plate a bold visual aspect with easy recognition from a distance.


For serious and dedicated lifters, incremental loading with fractional plates can mean matching a previous PR or set a new one.

    Fractional Plate

    14,76 € Preço normal
    11,81 €Preço promocional
      • Sold in units.
      • Collar opening: 50.4mm
      • Rubber coating that guarantees stability and durability
      • Matte finish
      • Raised lettering with Loaded Equipment logo
      • Tolerance: +/- 10kg