Raven Grips, thinness and lightness. Only 1mm of synthetic leather between your hand and the bar.

You feel the bar in every rep, never losing your grip. They’re perfect for the pull-up’s ninjas.

Picsil Raven Grips 2H

20,95 € Preço normal
17,81 €Preço promocional
  • 1 milimeter between your hand and the bar.

    The Raven Grips are so thin that you don’t even notice them.

    What you feel every time is the bar. And without losing your grip. That’s it, the Raven’s give you protection and no losing grip.

    • You have the Azor Grips and are looking for something different for some WODs
    • You’re a gymnast ninja and you’re looking for just protection
    • Don’t wanna lost your grip
    • You tried other models and you don’t like them
    • You were a natural leather grips fan

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