1x 20KG Barbell Chrome

2x Grey = 5KG

2x Green = 10KG

2x Yellow = 15KG

2x Blue = 20KG


Oferta Loaded EQ Jack Lock


Same quality plates by Loaded Equipment - renewed design. The Rubber Color Bumper plates offer new artwork - still old school black - with a consistent dead bounce, durability, resistance and specific and distintive smooth finishes that athletes have come to expect from all produts provided by Loaded Equipment. These quality and economic plates are the IWF (International Weightlifting Federation) standard - 450mm in diameter but cut thinner than several other bumpers found in the market, to allow for more weight to be loaded on the bar.

The color coding of the Rubber Color Bumper plates make them easy to identify at a glance, helping all athletes, trainers and coaches to run more efficientes training sessions. Red = 25KG; Blue = 20KG; Yellow = 15KG; Green = 10KG; Grey = 5KG.

    SET Olympic bar + 100KG Rubber Color Bumper Plates

    696,43 €Preço
      • Diameter: 450mm
      • Collar: 50.40mm
      • Insert type: Steel disc, zync plated
      • Weight tolerance: +/- 15 grams of claimed weight
      • Finish: Gloss-Matte-Gloss
      • Updated old school style and colored artwork with Loaded Equipament in white

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