2x Grey = 5KG

2x Green = 10KG

2x Yellow = 15KG

2x Blue = 20KG

The color coding of the Rubber Color Bumper plates make them easy to identify at a glance, helping all athletes, trainers and coaches to run more efficientes training sessions. Red = 25KG; Blue = 20KG; Yellow = 15KG; Green = 10KG; Grey = 5KG.

    Rubber Color Bumper Plates

    40,59 €Preço
      • Diameter: 450mm
      • Collar: 50.40mm
      • Insert type: Steel disc, zync plated
      • Weight tolerance: +/- 15 grams of claimed weight
      • Finish: Gloss-Matte-Gloss
      • Updated old school style and colored artwork with Loaded Equipament in white

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