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Fundão - Castelo Branco - Portugal

Inspired by a unique Olympic barbell design, our Men's Barbell Chrome Bar. Consists of a total weight of 20kg, a loadable sleeve length of 16,4", dual knurl marks - no center knurl - and a total length of 88,75". The bar's steel has proven to be one of the best and strongest steel variants ever implemented in a multi-purpose barbell. The process of polishing each shaft allows the bar to have a very smooth finish.


The Men's Barbell Chrome Bar is available in Standard Chrome and Standard Black versions. Despite this finish requiring regular maintenance, provides the best knurl feel, more like a naked bar.  During Olympic weightlifting, the bar have a normal "whip" and enough stiffness to hold for heavy powerlifting. The bar's steel has proven to be an excellent choice for weightlifters.

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USED Barbell Chrome

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