Hi-Temp Bumper Plates

Being manufactured for more than a decade in highly advanced facilities in the USA, the Hi-Temp are among the few American-made weightlifting plates on the market. They are also the best, claimed today by trainers, gym owners and competitive lifters.


The Hi-Temp bumpers were built as a needed alternative to the old-school iron plates and weak construction of other similar imported bumpers. The general coating of the Hi-Temp bumpers are nearly indestructible consisting of a recycled vulcanized rubber and a 2" stainless steel filling. The collar on Hi-Temp bumpers is applied inset from the plane of the plate, ensuring a better protection when multiples plates are on the bar and and reducing the risk of inserts getting out.

    Used Bumper Hi-Temp

    29,00 € Preço normal
    23,20 €Preço promocional

      • Made from Recycled Vulcanized Rubber
      • Diameter: 17,5"
      • Weight:
        • 5kg: 1 3/8"
        • 10kg: 1 7/8"
        • 15kg: 2 1/4"
        • 20kg: 3 1/8"
        • 25kg: 3 3/4"
      • 2 Stainless Steel insert
      • Collar design applied to reduce friction
      • Color: Black with Loaded Equipment logo

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