Net weight

52 kg

Weight incl.packaging​

56 kg

Dimensions transport


Max. user weight



5 year warranty on the frame and 2 year warranty on non-wear parts

Entrega em 10 dias uteis


830,00 €Preço
  • Xebex Air Bike resistance is controlled by the user, not the machine. You can control the intensity of your workout – The harder you push, pull and pedal, the more air you’re moving and the greater the resistance. Cool-down and lower your heart rate by easing the intensity of your push, pull, and pedal stroke in order to decrease the resistance and amount of air moving. Need more of a challenge? Toggle between 8 resistance levels for combined air and magnetic resistance.

  • Pushing, pulling, and pedaling can all be done with a Xebex Air Bike. This activates muscles in your arms, chest, back, legs, and even your core. Quickly burn calories with a full-body workout where you control the intensity of your exercise regimen.

    The challenge is up to you when you adjust the resistance by moving the lever up and down across 8 levels. The selected level is displayed on the console and easy-to-read labels on the lever.

    • Levels 1-2: Light resistance, recovery, warmup
    • Level 3: Traditional Xebex Air Bike resistance
    • Levels 4-6: Heavy resistance
    • Levels 7-8: Advanced resistance

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