Fat Bar

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The Loaded Equipment's Fat Bar represents an effective change on any specific workout regimen, focusing on a greater wrist and grip strength. The Fat Bar measures a significative 2m in total length with 15.5" sleeve strength and 52" between collars.


From presses to deadlifts and other lifting exercises, the Fat Bar provides a further challenging and more beneficial workout, concentrating all efforts on developing the desired working muscles in a way standard barbells are not capable of. Fat Bars are now a staple in the modern Strongman training arsenal.

Price does not include tax.

  • SPECS:

    • Outside diameter: 1.9"
    • Special Loaded Equipment coat for increased grip and comfort
    • Total length: 2m
    • Weigth: 13,75kg
    • Loadable Sleeve Length: 15.5”
    • Space Between Collars: 52”



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