Fractional Plate


Loaded Equipment's Fractional Plates are sold in single units and they weights vary between 0,5KG, 1KG, 1,5KG, 2KG, 2,5KG. Each plate features a 50,4mm collar opening and an exterior rubber coating for a firm, steady hold on any type of barbell. An old school design combined with Loaded Equipment's white logo offers the plate a bold visual aspect with easy recognition from a distance.


For serious and dedicated lifters, incremental loading with fractional plates can mean matching a previous PR or set a new one.

Price does not include tax.

    • SPECS:

      • Sold in units.
      • Collar opening: 50.4mm
      • Rubber coating that guarantees stability and durability
      • Matte finish
      • Raised lettering with Loaded Equipment logo
      • Tolerance: +/- 10kg



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