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Picsil Azor grips 3H
Picsil Azor grips 3H
Picsil Azor grips 3H
Picsil Azor grips 3H
Picsil Azor grips 3H

Picsil Azor grips 3H

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Patented fabric ensures maximum lightness and strength. With a soft interior to protect your hands.

The favorites ones of some of the best athletes in the world. But you don’t need to be a professional athlete to want to spend more time hanged or take care of your hands.

all over the world
The AZOR grips are made with a special patented fabric which is unique in the world. This is why you will not find other grips like these.

It is a breathable, washable, of maximum resistance, soft to the touch, flexible and very light fabric.

But these grips aren`t perfect… they don´t still do pull-ups on your own.

No, not the muscleups either.
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Beige, Brown, Green



The first thing you need is a ruler to measure your hand.

Second thing, take a look at this image. Measure yourself from the wrist to the base of the fingers (1).

Choose if you want to protect the palm of the hand (Size 1) if you are one of those who want to protect the fingers, make the gymnastic fold or do not put your fingers directly (Size 2).

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