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Picsil Eagle Grips 3H
Picsil Eagle Grips 3H
Picsil Eagle Grips 3H

Picsil Eagle Grips 3H

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Micro Diamonds
The fabric of the Eagle Grips uses the micro diamonds technology.

This probably doesn’t mean anything to you, but let me tell you what it’s good for:

To have the best grip that anyone has ever had with any pair of gymnastics grips;
To retain the chalk applied on the grips for longer.
Does this already sound much better?
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The best grip
The raised part of the micro diamond shape is coated with special rubber material making it into minute arrowheads, and together with its malleability (they fold so easily) this fabric will seem like the wheels of a 4×4 going up a mountain. Or like the jaw of a crocodile biting a tree!
Who doesn’t want to improve their grip and increase the number of reps of any given movement? And better yet… it won’t test positive in any anti doping control!

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