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Picsil Dip Belt
Picsil Dip Belt
Picsil Dip Belt
Picsil Dip Belt
Picsil Dip Belt

Picsil Dip Belt

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Start to add weight, or tie a sled, and get stronger in your pull ups and then, later in the WOD, you can FLY.

Hold your core,
weight your body
Designed and made for the best core hold and the option to add weights and go beyond in your strength training.

You can attach a band or a sled to the back ring.

Anything you can imagine to go beyond in your training, you can do it *

* Even if it’s not healthy or the soreness lasts 4 days.
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0.49 kg

25 × 30 × 25 cm

S, M, L, XL


Double usage
You can use it as a strength belt. And add weights. And tie to the rack or a sled. And, if you have style, maybe you can use it with your jeans and go dining tonight.

The fact is that we made a belt as versatile as possible, so you don’t have to choose.


What size is mine?
66-73.66cm | 26-28″″
73-81cm | 28-31″″
81-88cm | 31-34″″
88-96cm | 34-38″″
96-104cm | 38-41″″

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