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Bumper Hi-Temp
Bumper Hi-Temp

Bumper Hi-Temp

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Made from Recycled Vulcanized Rubber
Diameter: 17,5"
5kg: 1 3/8"
10kg: 1 7/8"
15kg: 2 1/4"
20kg: 3 1/8"
25kg: 3 3/4"
2 Stainless Steel insert
Collar design applied to reduce friction
Color: Black with Loaded Equipment logo

5kg-26mm thickness
10kg-46mm thickness
15kg-60mm thickness
20kg-70mm thickness
25kg-80mm thickness
Plate Dia:450mm (17.72”)
Weight Tolerance:±10gram
ZINC Plated Inser Ring With Welding Rebars
88-96-ShoreA Durometer
Inser Ring Dia:50mm
Droping times: 20000-30000 Times

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