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Picsil Strength Belt
Picsil Strength Belt
Picsil Strength Belt
Picsil Strength Belt

Picsil Strength Belt

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Lock your core during the heaviest lifts and destroy those RMs that resist you.

Now with more space to customize your belt with patches to make it unique and inimitable.

Hold your core,
destroy your records
Designed and manufactured to support your core in exercises where any help means a new RM.

Or just to ensure you the best fasten when the fatigue come and your core muscle are weaker, this belt will take you to the limit *

* Remember to train your core muscles and only use the belt when it be necessary. Train your core and wear the belt only when necessary.
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0.40 kg

XS, S, M, L, XL

The elegant belt
And you were thinking that a belt can’t be stylish. We designed every little element with all our love to give it a unique style.

An area 13.5cm wide x 6cm high where you can place your favorite patches and give your personal touch to the reinforced plastic pin to make it easier to place, without forgetting the fastening. It is made in one piece to avoid awkward movement or being hit by the bar when lifting.

What size is mine?
53-60cm | 21-23,5″″
60-69cm | 23,5-27″″
69-78cm | 27-31″″
78-86cm | 31-34″″
86-96cm | 34-38″″

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